Kind Words



“I have been seeing Alexandria for over a year and keep coming back because of her attitude to her practice and clients. She is a kind soul and truly values one’s well-being and overall health. Her treatments are always effective and are supported by her kind caring approach – the best centering gift one can give to themselves.”

— Y.M.


“I have been a patient of Alexandria Miller’s consistently now for about 1.5 years. I started seeing Alexandria to help me in the preparation of trying to have a baby. My menstrual cycle was all over the place and very irregular. I had been to specialists and gynecologists and no one seemed to be able to help me or know what was going on. She took the time to help me and brought me to a place of well-being that I could have only hoped for. I am now 8 months pregnant and I fully attribute my healthy pregnancy to her amazing care. I am fully confident that my labour will be a direct reflection of all of Alexandria’s hard work. She is an amazingly gifted practitioner and Victoria is so lucky to have her.”

— A.H.


“Alexandria has been an absolute blessing in my life. Her warmth, compassion, and extensive knowledge of Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine have significantly improved my life.

I look forward to my treatments every two weeks, which have largely contributed to pain reduction in my neck and back, with the addition of herb blends from Alexandria.

As I’ve been preparing to conceive a child, acupuncture has played a great role in my life. We’ve achieved a transition from irregular cycles and uncomfortable symptoms to a healthy menstrual cycle. Alexandria’s knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided me with an overall better understanding of health and how to achieve it.

I’d recommend acupuncture to everyone, as Traditional Chinese Medicine has a beautiful approach to healing and balance within the body. Alexandria deeply cares about her patients, and I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

— E.F.


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Alexandria Miller over a period of two years as I emerge from a 20-year struggle with pervasive and often debilitating auto-immune imbalances. As a patient engaged in a long term search for wellness via multiple practitioners and healing modalities, during our acupuncture sessions I was utterly impressed by the mature wisdom and insight that Ali exuded for such a young emerging professional. Since we began our work together, I have made tremendous strides towards sustained recovery. Alexandria’s comprehensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, her ability to integrate a person’s complex health needs with appropriate and relevant treatment protocols, and her humble, amicable nature have allowed our partnership to be a truly empowering collaboration. For me, the results have been palpable, and life-altering.

I believe that this is the work Alexandria was “born for,” and I can undoubtedly look forward to hearing of her future patients’ inspiring success stories.”

— S.R.

“This past year I have been treated by Alexandria Miller, with the application of both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. My chronic condition and a recent traumatic injury are both considerably better due to her insightful and prudent care. Alexandria is careful, intuitive and always attentive, with a precise and effective knowledge of acupuncture, as well as being deeply compassionate and gentle. I shall always be indebted to her for the help she has given me and recommend her highly to clients.”

— L.B.


“During the past 20 years I have received the physical and psychological benefits of TCM acupuncture. My first encounter with this practice was to relieve pain from a ‘frozen shoulder’ and relief was almost immediate not just physically but there was an overall feeling of well being and balance after treatment. I was able to put on my jacket without discomfort! I left that appointment knowing I’d found a modality that resonated with me and since then acupuncture and TCM are integral to my lifestyle. 

After experiencing treatment from many practitioners and returning from global travels, I did extensive research to seek out the best in Victoria and found Alexandria Miller who in my opinion is one of the finest anywhere. She is incredibly knowledgeable, masterful at her craft and highly intuitive. I have not found her equal and over the past few years have recommended her to family and friends who all share the same opinion. Acupuncture when performed by such a healer can not be explained, only experienced.”

— E.H.


“My first experience with acupuncture was with Alexandria Miller, and came about as a result of my growing frustration with a number of chronic symptoms that my GP was unable to treat or diagnose. The symptoms were apparently random and unrelated, at least according to my doctor, but when I went to see Alexandria, it didn’t take long at all before she was able to explain what I was feeling and why. She spent a lot of time asking very thoughtful questions and carefully considering everything I had to say. I felt heard and understood and cared for In a way that I haven’t experienced with any of my other health care providers. I am so grateful to Ali for listening and helping figure out what I was experiencing and why. 

Acupuncture helped alleviate all of my symptoms and I’ll continue to go back for any other issues that might pop up. Many thanks to Ali for introducing me to the world of Chinese medicine.”

— N.V.

“Facing persistent menopausal complaints, I decided to venture away from Western medicine in the hopes of receiving relief without medication. During my first visit to Alexandria Miller I realized for the first time in my life I had encountered a true healer. She addressed so much more than the symptoms that brought me to her; gently unearthing some challenging issues causing stress and anxiety and tending to their physical manifestations. Not only did the acupuncture and TCM treatments bring me immediate relief; it was the start of an entirely new way to view wellness. 

With a focus on the whole person, Alexandria has shone the light clearly on the mind-body connection and guided me to take responsibility for my health in a way I have never before understood. Her extraordinary skill, intuitiveness, and empathy makes her an invaluable resource and trusted practitioner. I have recommended her with confidence to both family and friends.”

— K.H.


“Her incredible expertise and intuition pair beautifully with her tremendous warmth and compassion. I initially sought Alexandria’s guidance to address health concerns stemming from the effects of stress on my body and eventually shifted focus to fertility. She has become an integral part of my health care regime because she masterfully – and effectively - addresses my specific health concerns by tuning into what’s going on in my body in a way that leaves me feeling restored and rebalanced, physically, mentally and emotionally. I can honestly say that I consider acupuncture sessions with Alexandria an essential component of maintaining my overall health and wellbeing.”

— M.F.


“I saw Alexandria at the start of my pregnancy right through to term. I am beyond happy that I did. Not only did she treat anything that came up, she has a holistic approach and offers tips and support to complement her acupuncture which was unexpected and so helpful. She took such amazing care to understand what was going on each appointment. I swear I had a smooth, fast, natural delivery helped by Alexandria’s work. I can’t recommend this caring, kind, compassionate professional enough!!”

— M.A.